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5 Things You Should Know About Hair Botox

Updated: May 13

When we hear the word Botox, needles may come to mind. But does that mean hair botox is a treatment involving needles in your scalp? The answer is, no! In fact, it’s nothing like skin Botox!

What is Hair Botox?

Hair botox is an anti-aging hair treatment that helps rejuvenate damaged hair—notably useful during the monsoon season when humidity and other factors take a toll on your tresses.

How Does Hair Botox Work?

The treatment is made up of a mixture of proteins, amino acids, peptides, collagen compounds, lipids, and vitamins (including vitamin B5), that are applied to the hair.

Hair botox infusions can be helpful for addressing hair concerns like dull and lustureless hair, chemical and heat induced hair damage, rough hair and split ends. The solution replenishes the fiber in your tresses—repairing damage while adding volume so you don't have to resort to wearing those unflattering hats anymore (sorry Lillian Hellman). It works well for all hair types and makes your locks look glossy and healthy.

A Brief Guide to Hair Botox

  1. First, the hair is washed thoroughly, removing any dirt or product residual that remains on it from previous use. It is important to note that conditioner should not be applied after the wash, because it will cover the opened-up hair cuticles and prevent the hair botox treatment from absorbing into your scalp.

  2. The hair should be dried thoroughly before treatment. The hair botox concoction is then applied to the scalp, spreading down each strand evenly and staying on for 45 to 60 minutes.

  3. An expert will then use a heat tool to seal the treatment. Once that's done…you're ready for hair that feels smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated!

The Benefits of Hair Botox

  1. Smooths out frizz.

  2. Keep splits ends at bay.

  3. It gives your hair extra volume.

  4. Treats broken and damaged hair strands.

  5. Makes hair smooth.

  6. It also repairs damage caused by color treatment.

Post Treatment Hair Care

After you get your hair treatment done, take some time to look after it. Try using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so that your locks don't dry out during this process; also make sure not to use any products with silicones or parabens as they could interfere with the effectiveness of botox treatment.

It is important to moisturize hair daily and use a hydrating mask once or twice a week. The sun's harmful rays and pollution can dry out the scalp and make hair brittle, so it's best to cover your locks when you're outside in dry or hot weather.

Heat styling can damage hair. Before applying heat, use a product that protects the hair from excessive dryness and breakage (such as a reconstructor or serum).

Consult with an expert to determine how many sessions are necessary and the length of time between them.

Final Verdict!

Hair botox is making waves for its ability to deal with split ends, dry locks and frizziness. It will also give you the volume your hair has been missing out on—for maybe forever! Although the procedure is can take a toll on your wallet and requires proper aftercare, it is worth a try. However, only stick to using a quality product made by professionals for the best results.

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