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Dr. Alpana Invited as Speaker and Awarded Travel Grant to Visit an International Conference at Gdańsk, Poland

Aug 8, 2023

Dr. Alpana will visit the European city of Gdańsk in Poland later this month to attend the ISAD 2023 conference. She has been invited as a speaker to attend this conference. She has also been awarded a prestigious travel grant.

She is one of the few travel grant awardees in the world and the only one from India.

She will be giving eleven different presentations on topics ranging from pathogenesis and clinical features, to complications and unconventional treatment modalities of atopic dermatitis.

It's going to be a very hectic, yet fun and enriching experience.

Dr. Alpana regularly attends national and international conferences. To her, this is an excellent way to stay updated with the latest in the field as well as exchange learnings with other medical experts and researchers.

Dr. Alpana at various conferences
Dr. Alpana at international conferences

From left to right: Dubai Derma 2022 | Dubai Derma 2023 | British Association of Dermatology Conference at Glasgow, Scotland, 2022

What is ISAD?

The International Society of Atopic Dermatitis promotes excellence in clinical care, research, education, and training in atopic dermatitis. It was established in 2012 but has its roots in the meetings that had been occurring since the 1970s. Here, Dr. Alpana will have the opportunity to connect with outstanding experts, initiate and foster high-level scientific collaborations, and translate the latest therapy updates into everyday practice. The conference will focus on ways to reduce the symptoms and burden of atopic dermatitis, address deficiencies, and fight the challenges of the disease. Dr. Alpana will also get a chance to discuss medical breakthroughs in atopic dermatitis as well as recent innovations along with other physicians.

Who should attend the ISAD 2023 conference?

Anyone interested in atopic dermatitis should attend this conference. This will be an excellent platform to meet the best experts in this field. The lectures and presentations will be in multiple formats to foster an environment of learning, scientific collaboration, and inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas and treatment modalities.

As Prof. Magdalena Trzeciak, MD PhD states in her welcome message, “There will be a special emphasis on ways to alleviate the symptoms and burden of Atopic Dermatitis, remove gaps and fight the challenges of the disease. We will also discuss therapeutic breakthroughs in AD, as well as recent innovations.”

How to attend the conference?

The conference will be hybrid. Registrants can attend the conference in-person or online. Here’s the link to the registration page.

To conclude, this is an amazing achievement by Dr. Alpana, a dermatologist in Gangashahar, Bikaner. Let’s hope to see some killer photos from her visit to Europe.

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