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Personal Skin Care Consultant - Your Skin Buddy

Do you need the help of an expert who can answer your day-to-day queries about your skin and hair health?

Do you need the most scientific and expert-backed answer to what moisturizer, cream, sunscreen, hair serum, shampoo, conditioner, etc., would best suit your particular skin or hair type?

Do you need an unbiased expert opinion on whether you should go for a hair transplant, laser hair removal, or any such high-end invasive procedures?

Well, you need a personal skin care consultant—a dermatologist. 


It's not only difficult to get an appointment with a dermatologist but also prohibitively expensive! And why should you have to pay top dollar for these basic queries? Well, you shouldn’t, at least not in this day and age when you can access the best dermatologists in countries like India.

And our smartphones make it just so much easier to access quality information from such dermatologists at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. Of course, you can’t just blindly trust every dermatologist in India. What if I told you that you could have access to one such dermatologist, who not only has excellent academic credentials and clinical experience but is also a member of the top global dermatological societies and is also an accomplished researcher? Read on...

Did you know that some dermatologists in India see as many as 200 patients a day, 6 days a week?

Imagine the expertise they would have developed over the years after having been exposed to such rigour, day in and day out.

Dr. Alpana Mohta Ranka, a dermatologist and skin care consultant




I am Dr. Alpana Mohta Ranka, an award-winning dual-board certified dermatologist, venereologist, and leprologist from India. As your personal skin care consultant, I want to help you make your skin the best it can be!

Why am I doing this?

Ever since I started thinking about what profession I wanted to pursue, I wanted to be a dermatologist. The intricacies of human skin never cease to amaze me. To further my passion, I want to help people all over the world solve their skin problems, and I don’t want to restrict my skills and abilities to a specific geography.


Skin Care Consultant - Steps and Methods

As your skin care consultant, I will be providing the following services.

Magnifying glass on skin. <a href="" title="dry skin icons">Dry skin icons created by Freepik - Flaticon</a>

In-Depth Skin and Hair Assessment

We’ll first conduct a call in which I’ll understand more about your skin and hair type. Your existing health conditions (if any). The products that you currently use. The problems that you’re facing (if any). Your goals and reasons for wanting to tie up with me. Post this call, I’ll share with you the details of the products that you should be using.

Skin care products

Product Recommendation and Vetting

You may want to share the details of the products you plan on purchasing for your journey. In this stage, I would like it if you could share images of those products along with images of the ingredients. I would give you a green light and then you can begin your journey. We’ll also set up meeting milestones, if you’d like.

Mobile phone on a table with IM-based skin care guidance

Continuous Support and Guidance

You can keep using the products that we concluded on. If you ever have any queries or concerns, you can reach out to me. 


Of course, the caveat is that being a doctor based in India, I am not allowed to prescribe prescription-strength drugs to patients based out of India. But, at least you’ll know what you’re or aren’t suffering from. What I am basically doing is helping you out as a private white-glove skin care consultant.

Your Personal Skin Care Consultant
Your Skin Buddy

Does this sound like something you can benefit from?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Fill up the form.

You’d especially love the pricing model. The straightforward pay-as-you-go model is something that would ensure you get the best out of this service.

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